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I’m so excited to share these pictures! I just love this sweet family. I’ve been invited along on their family journey since the beginning when I photographed their engagement pictures.

Thanks Nate + Lindsey for driving out to this beautiful location and I hope you love the pictures. Here’s a few of my favorites ///

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buy Pregabalin online overnight

Its finally finished! After a few setbacks it’s done and I’m so in love! I learned so much about the process of remodeling and can’t wait to dig into the next project. I wanted to share a few pictures and sources. I’m just so happy with the light in this room now… it’s so much brighter!

I used Sherman William Repose Gray for the lower cabinets and the cabinet shop used a special mix for the upper white. It’s very close to Benjamin Moore White Dove which is what I used for the ceiling and walls. I purchased the tile from buy Pregabalin in mexico and it was the subway they keep in stock. It’s very affordable and ended up being just short of 100sf. A personal friend installed the tile. Shout out to Mike for doing a great job!!!
My open shelves are from an awesome can you buy Pregabalin in mexico shop out of Brooklyn NY. I’m so in love with them and they’re very sturdy to withstand heavy dishes and all those cookbooks. I bought the 11 inch deep shelves in 3 feet for these and 4 feet for the other two.
I copied this lazy susan look from this years Street of Dreams. So cute!
Custom Cabinets: I used a buy Pregabalin online australia from Medford, Oregon. His business is MCA Wood Products. He did am amazing job!! Highly recommend them if you’re in Southern Oregon.
Floors: I previously had tile in the kitchen and wanted to extend the hardwood floors into the new kitchen space. I HIGHLY recommend buy Pregabalin with mastercard . They were great to work with and blended the floors perfectly. You would never know that the kitchen floor wasn’t original.

Lighting is buy Pregabalin in the uk and cabinet hardware is from buy Pregabalin overnight delivery.
These bar stools are from how to buy Pregabalin
I bought all my appliances from Standard. I’ve already had problems with the fridge and range but the customer service has been great.

Paint: I also have to give Jim Moore a shout out for rescuing me after my contractor set my cabinets on fire. LONG story but the side panel on the fridge had to be sanded and all the white cabinets had to be painted again. He’s great!

Countertops: Highly recommend order Pregabalin overnight. I received bids from a few places and they came in less and did an excellent job. My quartz is Casa Bella and is called Denali.
Farmhouse sink is want to buy Pregabalin and is from Home Depot. Here’s a link to my where to buy Pregabalin uk.
My desk is never this clean! I moved all the crap off for the pictures. lol But at the moment my dining room is my office space. I’m so in love with this Pregabalin buy from uk primrose mirror. And it’s on sale right now!
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