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 Chris + Colleen are high school sweethearts. They started dating in 2007 and were married in 2003. Sadly, they struggled to get pregnant and did fertility treatment for nearly 5 years before getting pregnant with Myah. She was born April 7, 2012. Then they got a very welcomed surprise and conceived Bristol without any interventions! Two beautiful girls… I’m so happy for them!

We shot at their family’s beautiful country home in Boring, Oregon. The property was a photographers dream. The driveway was lined with tree’s, there was an amazing old barn, a pond, beautiful flowers… I could go on forever.

Shortly after shooting these pictures, baby Bristol was born. She’s a beautiful, healthy little baby. Keep a look out at the end of this post for a sneak peek from her newborn session.

Thank you so much to Chris + Colleen for allowing me to capture these precious memories!  xoxo

2014-08-04_0015 2014-08-04_0016 2014-08-04_0017 2014-08-04_0018 2014-08-04_0019 2014-08-04_0020 2014-08-04_0021 2014-08-04_0022

2014-08-04_0023 2014-08-04_0024 2014-08-04_0025 2014-08-04_0026 2014-08-04_0027 2014-08-04_0028 2014-08-04_0029 2014-08-04_0030 2014-08-04_0031 2014-08-04_0032

And…… baby Bristol. Isn’t she beautiful?


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It was a gorgeous June day when Alexis and Daniel were married.  Clear skies and 78 degrees.  The venue was at their family church in St. Helens, Oregon.  After the first look, Daniel, Alexis and the bridal party headed down to the waterfront park to take pictures.  After saying “i do” they celebrated with their friends and family with amazing food, delicious cake (my favorite) and much love!!! I wish Daniel + Alexis a lifetime of happiness.  xoxo

* you can read about their engagement story and see the engagement session mail order Pregabalin
2014-07-23_0001 2014-07-23_0002 2014-07-23_0003 2014-07-23_0004 2014-07-23_0005 2014-07-23_0006 2014-07-23_0007 2014-07-23_0008 2014-07-23_0009 2014-07-23_0010 2014-07-23_0011 2014-07-23_0012 2014-07-23_0013 2014-07-23_0014 2014-07-23_0015 2014-07-23_0016 2014-07-23_0017 2014-07-23_0018 2014-07-23_0019 2014-07-23_0020 2014-07-23_0021 2014-07-23_0022 2014-07-23_0023 2014-07-23_0024 2014-07-23_0025 2014-07-23_0026 2014-07-23_0027 2014-07-23_0028 2014-07-23_0029 2014-07-23_0030 2014-07-23_0031 2014-07-23_0032 2014-07-23_0033 2014-07-23_0034 2014-07-23_0035 2014-07-23_0036 2014-07-23_0037 2014-07-23_0038 2014-07-23_0039 2014-07-23_0040 2014-07-23_0041 2014-07-23_0042

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In just a few short weeks these two are getting married at the buy Pregabalin in mexico and I couldn’t be more excited for the celebration! After having to reschedule due to rainy spring weather, we finally settled on a sunny June day for their engagement session. We chose Edgefield to keep with the McMenamins theme and take advantage of the perfect setting they have to offer for portraits.

I love that Andrea was creative and brought some fun props for pictures… Jeff plays guitar so we snapped a few pictures while relaxing in the pear orchard then moved onto the vineyard. I LOVE how these pictures turned out…. so excited to share them!

2014-07-04_0001 2014-07-04_0003 2014-07-04_0004 2014-07-04_0005 2014-07-04_0006 2014-07-04_0007 2014-07-04_0008 2014-07-04_0009 2014-07-04_0010 2014-07-04_0011 2014-07-04_0012 2014-07-04_0013 2014-07-04_0014 2014-07-04_0015 2014-07-04_0016 2014-07-04_0017 2014-07-04_0018 2014-07-04_0019 2014-07-04_0020 2014-07-04_0021 2014-07-04_0022 2014-07-04_0023 2014-07-04_0024 2014-07-04_0025 2014-07-04_0026 2014-07-04_0027 2014-07-04_0028 2014-07-04_0029 2014-07-04_0030 2014-07-04_0031 2014-07-04_0032 2014-07-04_0033 2014-07-04_0035 2014-07-04_0036 2014-07-04_0037 2014-07-04_0038 2014-07-04_0039 2014-07-04_0040

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