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2014-01-31_0023Last weekend was gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest.  I decided to celebrate the beautiful 64 degree, sunny day by taking a road trip to Cannon Beach with my dear friend Amber (and her tangerine scarf.)

Here are some of the highlights;

  • frozen fresh cod for lunch
  • joking about fresh seagull on the menu 
  • double mountain beer
  • driving hwy 101 with the sunroof open
  • acknowledging national compliment day with a few compliments
  • hiking down to shortys
  • yoga on the beach (well kinda)
  • selfies
  • rocky road fudge
  • gorgeous sunset
  • more selfies
  • fish & chips for dinner

I love having Fridays off, sunny winter days and road trips.

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Meet Daniel + Alexis…. We met at Edgefield a couple weeks ago to take their engagement portraits and I couldn’t be happier to share them… especially the adorable heart shaped buy Pregabalin with mastercard I made specially for the shoot.  Alexis picked up the adorable buy Pregabalin in the uk from cost plus!  So cute.

Daniel + Alexis have a very sweet engagement story.  Daniel had been planning a special date for weeks.  He sent her flowers and a sweet note the day before and then picked her up really early the next morning keeping the location a “secret.”  After breakfast in Seattle at a cafe in the buy Pregabalin overnight delivery he took her to Bainbridge Island.  They had been once before after a Mariners game but didn’t have much time to explore.  This time they explored all day and Daniel asked Alexis to marry him in Port Gamble at a pretty spot overlooking the water!  They will be saying “I DO” next June in St. Helens…  

Hope you enjoy the engagement pics… they were so much fun to photograph!

2014-01-11_0003 2014-01-11_0001 2014-01-11_0002 2014-01-11_0004 2014-01-11_0005 2014-01-11_0006 2014-01-11_0007 2014-01-11_0008 2014-01-11_0009 2014-01-11_0010 2014-01-11_0011 2014-01-11_0012 2014-01-11_0013 2014-01-11_0014 2014-01-11_0015 2014-01-11_0016 2014-01-11_0017 2014-01-11_0018 2014-01-11_0019 2014-01-11_0020 2014-01-11_0021 2014-01-11_0022 2014-01-11_0023 2014-01-11_0024 2014-01-11_0025 2014-01-11_0026 2014-01-11_0027 2014-01-11_0028 2014-01-11_0029 2014-01-11_0030 2014-01-11_0031


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