Earlier this summer I took some maternity/family portraits of my little Bro and his adorable family. We went to my FAV apple farm (sorry I keep mentioning this farm but I LOVE it so much) Kiyokawa in Parkdale, OR (which in case you’re wondering is still open for self-service until the end of the year.)  Okay…. moving on.  🙂  You can see the post HERE.

Fast forward a month or so to Cora’s big day…. she was born on Friday, Dec 6th @ about 3pm.  She is the most beautiful baby and I am the happiest auntie ever.  You’ll have to accept my apologies for all the photos I’ll be posting of her in the next few months as she grows into a beautiful little toddler.  Holiday card photos coming up next.  Isn’t Cora the best name ever?  I am so happy that was their choice.  This christmas is going to be filled with much joy and happiness!

2013-12-10_0002 2013-12-10_0003 2013-12-10_0004 2013-12-10_0005 2013-12-10_0006 2013-12-10_0007

  • Sharron

    What a beautiful little girl. Looking forward to meeting her.ReplyCancel

I met Rob + Nicole at a local Starbucks a couple months ago. Immediately I knew I wanted to work with them and with much excitement they picked me to be their photographer. They chose the Pittock Mansion in NW Portland as their backdrop and it couldn’t have been a better choice. The day was overcast but no rain… we laughed, shared engagement stories and even played with some sparklers to finish off the shoot. I can’t wait for the wedding next Summer.

2013-11-18_0003 2013-11-18_0004 2013-11-18_0005 2013-11-18_0006 2013-11-18_0007 2013-11-18_0008 2013-11-18_0009 2013-11-18_0010 2013-11-18_0011 2013-11-18_0012 2013-11-18_0013 2013-11-18_0014 2013-11-18_0015 2013-11-18_0016 2013-11-18_0018 2013-11-18_0017 2013-11-18_0019 2013-11-18_0020 2013-11-18_0021 2013-11-18_0022 2013-11-18_0023 2013-11-18_0024 2013-11-18_0025 2013-11-18_0026 2013-11-18_0027 2013-11-18_0028 2013-11-18_0029 2013-11-18_0030

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  • Joni

    These pictures are great. They will have a hard time only choosing a few 🙂ReplyCancel

A couple weeks ago I met the Duncan Family for a family portrait session at Foothills Park. The day was cold but dry and the trees were filled with colorful orange, red and yellow leaves.  The afternoon was filled with lots of smiles and laughter.  I absolutely love these pictures!

2013-11-13_0033 2013-11-13_0002 2013-11-13_0001 2013-11-13_0012 2013-11-13_0003 2013-11-13_0004 2013-11-13_0005 2013-11-13_0006 2013-11-13_0007 2013-11-13_0008 2013-11-13_0009 2013-11-13_0010 2013-11-13_0011 2013-11-13_0013 2013-11-13_0014 2013-11-13_0015 2013-11-13_0028 2013-11-13_0017 2013-11-13_0019 2013-11-13_0018 2013-11-13_0020 2013-11-13_0021 2013-11-13_0022 2013-11-13_0023 2013-11-13_0024 2013-11-13_0025 2013-11-13_0026 2013-11-13_0027 2013-11-13_0029 2013-11-13_0030 2013-11-13_0031




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  • Karen

    These pictures are so sweet. Great location, I’ve been to that park. Great Job Danielle.


  • Beth Summers

    Those girls are so adorable. I love their cute little ponytails. Great job capturing such candid pictures and expressions.ReplyCancel