It was the perfect evening at Mt. Tabor park…. beautiful soft light blended with the gorgeous blues from the water reservoir made me so happy! And of course this sweet family was the cherry on top. After arriving to the session and meeting for the first time I realized that I had met Karin many years ago and that we had some mutual friends…. and so it made it that much more fun because I got to meet his gorgeous wife and their cutie little baby girl! Here are a few of my favorites from our session >>

side note:  I’m especially excited to post this session because there is currently an ice storm right outside my door…. bring on springtime!!  🙂

I first heard from this family when mama was only a couple months pregnant.  She was referred by a friend who I also worked with after they had their baby girl.  I know I say this often but it’s the BEST compliment when someone refers friends to me.

 I fell in love with this sweet baby boy immediately. He’s just perfect. Born 11 days ago.  Loved having his picture taken. Always moving his little head toward the lens. No crying and lots of snuggles with mom and dad. Even a few appearances by little Harper who also loved being in front of the camera.

I’m SO excited to share a few of my favorites from this newborn session >>>

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