Happy Valentines Day everyone!!  These two lovebirds were married last November…. it was a beautiful day filled with overall happiness and love!  Fast forward a couple months, we decided to head up to Mt. Hood for a few more adorable pictures.  We played in the snow, sipped on hot cocoa and even trespassed onto someone’s front porch.  (the weren’t home I hope) 🙂  It was a great day!

Please enjoy a couple dozen of my favorites>>


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SO many babies coming in the next 2 months.  I am so excited for all the newborn sessions to come.  In the meantime, here’s some previews from my maternity session last Sunday at Edgefield!  These two couldn’t be more excited to welcome their first baby….. and it definitely shows in these sweet pictures >>

2016-01-27_0008 2016-01-27_0009 2016-01-27_0010 2016-01-27_0011 2016-01-27_0012 2016-01-27_0013

I love Tree Farms…. especially this one. When I was scouting locations I arrived upon the Historic Kirchem Farm. They were so gracious to give me a tour, explore the equestrian barn and all the numerous beautiful locations to shoot.

I have photographed Gabrielle, Dave and Hendrix numerous times… I love how creative they are! We met up last month to capture some fun memories for them with grandmas, grandpas and aunties too!

Here’s a peek of my favorites >>

2016-01-19_0001 2016-01-19_0002 2016-01-19_0003 2016-01-19_0004 2016-01-19_0005 2016-01-19_0006 2016-01-19_0007 2016-01-19_0008 2016-01-19_0009 2016-01-19_0010 2016-01-19_0011* you should check out the Kirchem farm next holiday season… here’s the website.  They literally have the BEST trees!