Awwwwwe….. the cutest family!  I first photographed Michael + Ashley at their surprise wedding.  They invited their closest friends and family to a “30th birthday” but it was in fact a WEDDING!  So much fun to be a part of but SO HARD to keep that secret.  You can revisit their wedding photos HERE.  Fast forward a bit and now they have a baby…. I mean it’s what comes next right?  We met up at one of my favorite spots, Mt. Tabor on one of the most perfect spring days.  Cherry blossoms in full bloom, sunshine, warmth and the most adorable baby girl.

Here’s some of my favs  >>

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Awe these two… Alex + Adam are getting married in July!  We spent a couple hours together a couple weeks ago on one of the most beautiful Portland mornings.  They chose Mt. Tabor for their location.  It was so perfect.  I’m so happy and honored that I get to see them say I DO.

I’ve posted a few of my favorites below >>

2016-04-18_0001 2016-04-18_0002 2016-04-18_0003 2016-04-18_0004 2016-04-18_0005 2016-04-18_0006 2016-04-18_0007 2016-04-18_0008 2016-04-18_0009 2016-04-18_0010 2016-04-18_0011 2016-04-18_0012 2016-04-18_0013 2016-04-18_0014 2016-04-18_0015 2016-04-18_0017 2016-04-18_0018 2016-04-18_0019 2016-04-18_0020 2016-04-18_0021 2016-04-18_0022 2016-04-18_0023 2016-04-18_0024 2016-04-18_0025