Fun on Sauvie Island >> Strawberry picking and exploring with my favorite people!

Yesterday we ventured off to Sauvie Island for a little exploring and strawberry picking.  One of the farms we stopped at told us there was a cool nursery just down the road.  Cistus Nursery offers Mediterranean climate, southern hemisphere, hardy tropical plants, and more that grow in the Pacific Northwest.  Cutest place!  Doesn’t feel like Portland…. it reminds me of a nursery I know in Maui.  Love them both!

We started our day at Columbia Farms you pick… their farm was really cute >

2015-05-24_0001 2015-05-24_0002 2015-05-24_0003 2015-05-24_0004 2015-05-24_0006 2015-05-24_0007 2015-05-24_0008 2015-05-24_0009 2015-05-24_0010

After picking we explored Cistus >

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Then stopped in Bella Organic to buy a flat of organic berries.  They were by far the BEST!

2015-05-24_0025 2015-05-24_0026 2015-05-24_0027 2015-05-24_0028 2015-05-24_0029

If you’re interested in a family photo session on Sauvie Island please send a message through my contact form!  There’s endless fun spots for pictures… even a beach!


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