Scoping New Session Locations at the Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon

It’s almost the middle of November and most all the beautiful, fall trees are losing their leaves. Fortunately, there’s still lots of color and beautiful foliage at the Pittock Mansion. It was my first time there. Didn’t go inside the house because I was looking for natural light photographs but will go back someday to tour the old house. The Pittock Mansion owners began construction in 1909 and then sadly passed away only a few years after it was completed.  The home sits 1000 ft above sea level and has AMAZING views of downtown and commands the views of 5 different mountains.

these details This is Andrea and her cute, clear umbrella that was supposed to be a prop but ended up being a necessity due to the constant sprinkles while we visited… she’s a great friend and senior portraits model and was kind enough to help me scope some beautiful locations for todays shoot.  After hanging at the mansion, we tried out a new HH spot and then saw the new adorable rom-com About Time.  It was a great little Friday.

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