Year End 2014 //

Happy New Year everyone!  I just returned from an amazing 2 week holiday. No regular job, no photography, no alarm clock. I spent a relaxing week in Las Vegas with my family for Christmas and after a 5 hour layover in Portland to unpack my winter clothes and re-pack my summer dresses and swimsuit, I hopped on another flight to Maui. I have to admit the time flew by…. I’m sitting here at my computer thinking back and it seems like yesterday that I was wrapping up work and looking forward to 2 long weeks off.

I LOVE to have travel to look forward to. I love having something on the horizon and as much as I HATE to fly, I love having a flight itinerary in my “future travel” folder of my inbox. Currently, I have two flights booked and stowed away in that folder. Both Mexico. One Cabo for my beautiful friend Deed’s (aka Andrea) bachelorette party and the other Playa Del Carmen for my little bro’s wedding. I also have many, many more adventures to look forward to in 2015 that don’t require a passport. Just can’t wait!

I have to thank my clients, friends and family for an AWWW-MAZING year!  I am unbelievably appreciative for each and every family session and wedding last year.  Below are only a fraction of my FAVS from 2014.

2015-01-09_0001 2015-01-09_0002 2015-01-09_0049 2015-01-09_0007 2015-01-09_0004 2015-01-09_0011 2015-01-09_0005 2015-01-09_0006 2015-01-09_0008 2015-01-09_0009 2015-01-09_0010 2015-01-09_0012 2015-01-09_0013 2015-01-09_0014 2015-01-09_0015 2015-01-09_0016 2015-01-09_0017 2015-01-09_0018 2015-01-09_0019 2015-01-09_0020 2015-01-09_0021 2015-01-09_0022 2015-01-09_0023 2015-01-09_0024 2015-01-09_0025 2015-01-09_0026 2015-01-09_0027 2015-01-09_0028 2015-01-09_0029 2015-01-09_0030 2015-01-09_0031 2015-01-09_0032 2015-01-09_0033 2015-01-09_0034 2015-01-09_0035 2015-01-09_0036 2015-01-09_0037 2015-01-09_0038 2015-01-09_0039 2015-01-09_0040 2015-01-09_0041 2015-01-09_0042 2015-01-09_0043 2015-01-09_0044 2015-01-09_0045 2015-01-09_0046 2015-01-09_0047 2015-01-09_0048

If you’re interested in a family session with Danielle Krause, please email for more information.  2015 sessions are $200 and include one hour of shooting, an online gallery and high-resolution files.

Also booking 2015 weddings.  Limited availability so email to inquire if your day is available soon.

xo Danielle




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