What to expect from your newborn session

INVESTMENT: My newborn session fee is $400 and includes a 2-3 hour session, professionally edited high resolution images in an online gallery.  LOCATION: I do not currently have a studio. For now, I go to my clients’ homes which really makes it easier on the new parents AND the tiny baby; they do not have to get out and about, they are with all of their things, and it is a lot more comfortable for them. I am a natural light photographer (meaning I don’t use any flash) so your home would need to have lots of natural light.  If your baby is born in the summer months we can incorporate outdoor photos too. WHEN TO BOOK YOUR SESSION : I like to capture the baby within the first seven to ten days.  This is due to their sleepiness. Once they get older they are more alert, awake for longer spurts and restless.  I tend to book 2-4 months out so please contact me while you’re in your last trimester and once the baby is born we can confirm your session date.  Last minute sessions are always welcomed too. YOUR SESSION : Newborn sessions are longer than my other sessions. Babies need a lot of feedings, changings, and comforting. In addition, props take time to set up. The session usually takes 2-3 hours, due to all of the setting up and keeping baby happy and sleepy for the majority of the time.  Most of the session is focused on the baby, but I usually take a few with the parents and siblings as well.  If the baby is really wide awake and does not want to sleep, I will swaddle the baby to get some photos, and use the parents as a prop, holding the baby over the shoulder, in your arms, etc.   By having Mom or Dad hold the baby for a few images, and fussy baby almost always settles down, and I love capturing the incredibly sweet bond between parents and child!  My sessions are less “baby posing” than most newborn photographers.  I really adore the natural look of your baby in your arms and in your home.

  • I need to arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come (must be within great lighting times too)
  • We will be shooting in the room with the most available natural light so make sure the room is clear and clean
  • Have that room warmed up with a space heater and/or turn your heat up so that the room temperature is nice and warm
  • Please have some music picked out and turned on in the room (I like white noise and music for as much ambient noise as possible so that nothing disturbs baby)
  • Try to feed baby (if schedule allows) 30 minutes or so prior to my arrival
  • Baby should be only in a diaper when I arrive, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her by undressing them
  • Have all items that you are interested in using in the shoot out and ready for me to sort through: baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc.  I will bring baskets, throws and swaddle wraps.
  • Make sure  the nursery is nice and tidy, should we do photos of baby in there
  • I love to photograph the baby on a bed with a white duvet or blankets.  Also would love to use the crib in photos and prefer bedding to be light colors (they usually are.)  If your crib isn’t close to a window with natural light I would recommend temporarily moving the crib below the window.  With that said, please be prepared to move some furniture if needed so that I can photograph close to natural light
  • If you would like to be in images with your baby, make sure to look nice and wear colors that compliment your setting. I suggest beautiful light colors for a soft and gentle look
  • I don’t always have an assistant available so I may need help. It would be great if Dad is around to help out
  • Be prepared for explosions of all kinds. Poop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around.  Let’s have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready
  • Get ready to LOVE your baby even more, watching them sleep is such a beautiful thing. However, don’t be surprised if it takes them a good while to get into “baby model mode.”

AFTER YOUR SESSION: 1. When I arrive home I go through all the photos from the session and pick the best of the best to edit and share. Depending on how the session went the number of images can vary from 25 to 50. 2.  After editing a few images I will post a sneak peek on my Facebook page and blog, usually 3-6 images. The rest of the images will be posted on my website blog within 2-3 weeks.  Please feel free to “tag” yourself in the sneak peek and full session post.  I rely solely on “word of mouth” advertising.  Tagging yourself helps me get my name out there in the FB world.  I understand if you prefer to not share your images on Facebook but should you choose to post any pictures on your own please reference my website and name on your posts. 3. Once the images are ready to share (usually 2-3 weeks after your session), you will receive an email to a link of your online gallery.  You can download and share images from the gallery.  I will also send you a DVD within a couple weeks after your gallery is ready that will have all the images for long term storage. Thank you again for choosing me to photograph  your newborn baby! I am so happy to provide your family long-lasting memories. xo Danielle